Лучшие юристы в области логистики готовы проконсультировать Вас сейчас по актуальному вопросу.


Adjustment of disputes with vendors

Specialists of our company in the field of logistics usually solve the following questions those are typical for the activity of every concrete logistics company, such as:

Your proper representative

Our company’s staffhasin-depth content knowledge in all spheres concerning of legal entities, self-employed entrepreneurs and private individuals representing in the following cases:

You will receivethe desired result as short as possible, we will defend your position and prove that You are right

Preparation of documents

Leading legal expertsof our company will accurately prepare and complete all necessary documents for You:

Обеспечение безопасности грузоперевозки

Наша компания предлагает Вам воспользоваться услугой обеспечивающей безопасность грузоперевозок, в том числе различными видами транспорта. При этом неотъемлемой частью безопасной грузоперевозки является страхование груза. Грузы застрахованы от всех рисков в надежных страховых компаниях.

Warrantor of your business deal

Our company is eager to act as a Warrantor of Your business deal, providing accurate execution of the terms set by Your contract. You will be pleased with a relatively low price of our qualified services.
We work prompt and in professional manner. Daily (working hours 10.00 — 19.00).
We guaranteeconfidentiality to You andYour data security.

Our price-list

Initial consultation – free of charge
Review of provided documents cost per page
Review per page 800 RUR
5-15 lists (up to 2,5 hours) 999 RUR
15-25 lists (up to 3,5 working hours) 850 RUR
from 25 to 35 lists (up to 6,5 working hours) 700 RUR
from 35 andmorepages 600 RUR
Review of documents per hour of timeconsumed 500 RUR
Preparation and composing of documents depending on their complexity level:
Representation in Court, conducting of case:
First-instancecourt 20000 RUR
Second-instancecourt 22000 RUR
Supervision 50000 RURandmore


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